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Welcome reader!

If you are scrolling through my medium page then look no further! Check out this one-stop-shop with most of my thematic content. Below you can explore my work according to theme (with a detailed blurb). I hope you find a section or piece title that strikes your fancy.

A detailed description of my music writing background

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A Team or Single Person?

Despite the royal “we” I use sometimes If Ever Your Listening (IEYL) is a solo venture. All the content is original and written by me. For the longest time I was the only one who published it as well. Even though it is just me and I could have made…

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Come one, come all! To the Riff’s November Album Club Meeting!

Before I unravel next month’s album, I want to give David Acaster a huge shoutout for last month’s meeting. Not only was his album a pretty solid choice, but I learned much more about the project’s context and the…

Check out this reliable playlist when you’re searching for new finds

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Happy October Everyone!

It felt like just yesterday when I was interviewing for jobs in grad school. Sneak peak: its happening again. Without bad-mouthing my current job too much, I want to disclose that its underutilizing my skills and isn’t helping with my career development. With these things in mind…

The Revolutionary History of Timba Music

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The Fall of the Soviet Union

To understand Timba, we need to unpack the country’s political and musical landscape leading up to the 1990’s.

For decades in the 20th century, Cuba’s modest political and economic prosperity was tied to the Soviet Union. While foreign tourism was banned in 1959, the country’s economy was bolstered by economic…

A Review of Alex Cunningham’s album, As Slow as the Stream Cuts the Dirt Beneath

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Since the release of Armor, our last Cunningham review, the avant-garde violinist has been busy. In between Armor and As Slow Cunningham has put out the collage-based project, Pas De Deux and the duo album, Ghost Note with Mark Shippy. …

A Summary of September’s Stories and Engagements

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Continue Drawing the Line

We have another month under our belts InTune readers and writers! Kudos to the writing team this September. We had a strong roster in Terry Barr, Ljubinko Zivkovic, Mycroft Mac, and Alex Markham. Thank you for teaching me and our readers so much great and rich music history this month…

Check out this reliable playlist when you’re searching for new finds

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Welcome back! Or welcome for the first time!

I felt an immense amount of gratitude this week. I spent a good portion of the previous weekend talking with close friends who live far away. Despite the distance, I never felt more close to them. Most of us are in a…

Ignota returns with intense Appalachian-focused religious imagery for her third studio album

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IEYL’s August Album of the Month: Sinner Get Ready by Lingua Ignota


All of Kristin Hayter’s professional training and education has been paying off. The Del Mar native was classically trained in piano and voice by the time she finished elementary school. Her thirst for more musical interactions was fueled by her appreciation for groups like The Locust, Nirvana, and Nine Inch…

Check out this reliable playlist when you’re searching for new finds

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Happy Thursday Readers!

I hope your week is moving along smoothly as we head into the weekend.

For me, I forgot about the partying habits of my New York friends. Last weekend I decided to hangout out with old friends of mine in the city. We haven’t connected as a…

If Ever You’re Listening

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