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For starters, here is a piece about my music writing background.

1. The Origins of If Ever Your Listening

Album Reviews

In this section, I write about albums and give recommendations where I hear they can improve.

  1. Album Review: Silence Yourself
  2. Semper Femina is a Spellbinding Empowerment Record
  3. Album Review…

A detailed description of my music writing background

A Team or Single Person?

Despite the royal “we” I use sometimes If Ever Your Listening (IEYL) is a solo venture. All the content is original and written by me. For the longest time I was the only one who published it as well. Even though it is just me and I could have made this publication more of a vehicle for my personality I decided to let the articles speak for themselves. I envision IEYL in the same light as Rolling Stone Magazine, not Robert Christgau (now, And It Don’t Stop). Eventually, I want to employ writers and editors. In the future I may…

My bond with Lunch by Stella Donnelly

As a frequent traveler and expat when this song dropped in early 2019 its lyrics about homesickness struck me like a lightning bolt. Donnelly croons with vocal dexterity across this pleasant sun-kissed track about life on the road as a musician. In a press release for the song, Donnelly highlighted the track as her favorite on the impressive debut album, Beware Of The Dogs. She goes on about the disconnect with home after going on tour. This subtle emotional dread is felt through Stella’s gorgeously expressive vocals and the song’s intricate production.

At the beginning of the song Donnelly sets…

A journey through the history of tango music

When Cultures Meet

Tango is the product of several cultures fusing together in Argentina and Uruguay. The 1800’s were full of revolutions, civil wars, and interstate battles across South America. In the second half of the 19th century both Uruguay and Argentina were socially, economically, and materially exhausted by years of war. In order to develop their economies and infrastructure they encouraged large waves of immigration. By the early 20th century millions of immigrants moved to Uruguay and Argentina, mostly from Italy and Spain.

The transition from Europe to war torn post-war Argentina and Uruguay was not easy for the new immigrants. In…

A review of Morton Feldman’s tribute album, ‘Rothko Chapel’

“Rothko Chapel” is a tribute from one legendary talent to the next. The muse for this album is Mark Rothko, who was a famed painter from the mid-20th century. He specialized in art that made powerful commentary on societal issues. From an oblique obsession with war to the lack of spiritual connectiveness Rothko expanded the conversation around society’s image both social and cultural. His work simplified over the years and has evolved into the blocked colored hues that he is known for today. The focus has always been color and form with an expansive canvas that rivals the grandiose ambition…

Check out what you missed at yesterday’s club meeting

Happy Monday everyone! For anyone who missed out on last night’s album of the month club chat, here’s a quick recap of the event.

What We Discussed

For starters, shout out to the attendees! Terry Barr Noah Levy Keith R. Higgons Rob Janicke Nita Jain Nicole Brown Alexander Briseño David Acaster. Excitingly, there were twice as many people this month! We had a lively discussion about Sampha’s Process album. There was no shortage of hot-takes and unique observations. Some of the most enlightening topics we discussed included the following:

  1. The gap between albums.
  2. Sampha’s vocal similarities to older R&B/hip-hop artists like Seal and…

See you this Sunday, June 6, at 7 pm ET, details below.

Calling all music lovers! I repeat, calling all music lovers!

This is a quick reminder that the Riff’s Album of the Month Club meeting is this upcoming Sunday, June 6th, from 7 pm ET to 9 pm ET.

The album is discussion will be Sampha’s debut studio album, Process.

Come ready to chat, ask questions, share favorite moments, and air your grievances. All opinions are allowed!

As a quick reminder, here is the general discussion outline:

  1. Introductions
  2. Background of the artist and album (I’m ready for this part now :D).
  3. Everyone shares their thoughts about the project.
  4. Hot-takes (i.e. thoughts…

Check out this reliable playlist when you’re searching for new finds

Greetings Everyone!

I hope June is treating you well and is off to a good start. For me, the week’s have been drawn out and the days feel unbelievably longer since work started. I’ve had a lot of different and fulfilling jobs over the years, from disaster response, to teaching at a foreign university, and this one has worn me down the fastest. There’s a lot of logistics and coordination involved, and as the new kid in town, a lot of the burden is on me. Other than that, I’ve been reacquainting myself with friends in the area. There’s plenty…

A Review of Laura Marling’s sixth studio album, Semper Femina

Laura Marling borrowed the term “Semper Femina” from legendary poet Virgil. Throughout Semper Femina Laura actualizes the meaning of the Latin phrase. It accurately translates to ‘woman is ever a fickle and changeable thing’. The singer-songwriter’s sixth studio album is as soothing as it is smart. She uses her calming vocals to dive into complicated relationships and dynamics women navigate through on a daily basis.

Laura doesn’t have the most dexterous voice, but she doesn’t let that stop her from expressing evocative emotions. For instance, on album closer ‘Nothing, Not Nearly’ her vocals matched the absorbent energy of those electronic…

A music publication with an exciting rebrand

A couple of months ago N.J. Elliot(InTune’s founder) entrusted the publication to me. While his personal life was becoming more and more time consuming he made the forward-thinking decision to let me take on the reigns.

Originally, InTune was about stories you had with music. Writers wrote about their relationship to albums and the importance of particular albums in their life. This purpose was incredibly inspiring and niche.

However, things changed.

When music publications started popping up like cherry blossoms in the spring InTune was outshined by its competitors. Unfortunately, it had to compromise its original vision and accept pieces…

If Ever You’re Listening

IEYL is a blog dedicated to bridging the gap between musical preferences, cultures, and generations. If you want to talk music email me at

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